Ada Ciganlija Regatta Course, Belgrade, Serbia



June 08-10, 2018


List of events

Canoe Sprint

Men                                                         Women

K1 200m          C1 200m                      K1 200m          C1 200m

K2 200m         C2 200m                      K2 200m         C2 200m

K1 500m          C1 500m                      K1 500m          C1 500m

K2 500m         C2 500m                      K2 500m         C2 500m

K4 500m         C4 500m                      K4 500m         C1 5000m

K1 1000m       C1 1000m                    K1 1000m

K2 1000m      C2 1000m                    K2 1000m

K4 1000m      C1 5000m                    K1 5000m

K1 5000m



Men                                                          Women

KL1 200m        VL1 200m                    KL1 200m        VL1 200m

KL2 200m        VL2 200m                   KL2 200m        VL2 200m

KL3 200m        VL3 200m                   KL3 200m        VL3 200m



All teams are requested to use the ECA online entry system to submit the entries.

Use your ECA username and password to enter the system.

If you don’t have them yet or they just don’t seem to work, please contact


Important deadlines

Preliminary entry and Hotel reservation              February 15, 2018

Numerical entry                                                         April 24, 2018

Final Travel Info                                                        May 15, 2018

Nominal entry                                                            May 29, 2018


Maximum number of entries are as follows:

Women Kayak and Canoe: 25

Men Kayak: 40

Men Canoe: 25


Visa requirements

Before travelling to the Republic of Serbia, please check whether you need a visa 

If you require a visa to enter SERBIA, please download the Visa support form and send to not later than April 30th, 2018.

The Organising Committee will create an invitation letter accordingly and send to the e-mail indicated in the form.

Visas have to be obtained before leaving your country, from the Serbian Embassy or Consulate.